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CREASYNTH is proud to announce that its AVRTED project (Augmented VR/AR Tools for Engineering and Design units), has been awarded an EPIC MEGAGRANTS from EPIC GAMES.

The AVRTED system is currently in beta within a few companies and integrated into industrial and educational simulations. This financial support will allow the project to move into phase 2 and to validate a wider commercialisation of the solution as well as the integration of new technologies such as Hololens 2 or holographic screens (already being tested internally).

AVRTED is a production system for project reviews and simulations in Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Real-time 3dadapted to the industry, architecture/design and professional training sectors. Its particularity: it is modular and adaptable to the needs of each company and designed to be used by non-technical 3D experts. Each company can therefore benefit from its own functionalities adapted to its structure and its trade or expertise.

More than ever, the CREASYNTH team is committed to offering relevant tools adapted to the needs of companies, while promotinginnovation andexperimentation.